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WATCH VIDEO! This poor farmer’s words will Expose all Black money Holders who are criticizing Modi!



After the ban on 500/1000 notes, listen to the thoughts of a farmer.Those black money holders who are criticizing Modi in the name of poor people will shut their mouth.

Common men and women of this country are with prime Minister Modi as they do not have anything to hide or steal from the public.. Look at the people who are criticizing, congress, left parties, corrupt journalists, Criminals, corrupt politicians, corrupt business men and industrialists. So the picture is clear.. india knows about these shameless criminals who have been betraying their own motherland by stealing from the pockets of poor..

Do watch this Video, it proves the ordinary citizens, yes the masses are with our Government and prime minister. As long as they are with PM, He doesnt need any certificate or validation from anyone!! OUR HUMBLE REQUEST TO OUR READERS IS THAT DO WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SHARE MASSIVELY WITH OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS…

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