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The Turkey pardoned by Donald Trump robbed a liquor store and killed two people: Trevor Noah



Trevor Noah mocked President Donald Trump for his rivalry with former President Obama on Monday, saying the only way to block the Republican tax bill is to remind Trump that Obama is “super rich.”

Noah said on “The daily show” “Here’s the only way I think average Americans can stop Trump from handing massive tax cuts to the super-rich: You have to tweet directly to Donald Trump and remind him that Obama is super rich, so he’s going to get the biggest tax cuts of all,”

Senate Republicans are pushing a vote on the bill soon in an attempt to follow through with their plan of having tax reform in place by Christmas.

Noah added “And I promise you, within an hour of seeing those tweets, Trump will be like, ‘Destroy the rich! Socialism for all! Me and Bernie 2020, folks’ ” .

Noah, a frequent critic of the president, slammed the GOP Senate tax reform bill, calling it Trump’s “Christmas present.”

Noah noted the bill’s permanent reduction to the corporate tax rate while allowing the individual tax cuts to expire in 10 years, a provision that follows a rule preventing legislation from increasing the deficit after a decade if it passes by only a simple majority.

“By the way, it’s pretty convenient that average Americans won’t be seeing those tax hikes until after the next elections,” Noah said. “That’s really slick. How can they expect people to vote before people know what they’re actually getting?”

Watch the video below..

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