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“I am Responsible for My views and nobody else’s” This VIDEO Reveals the secret of Arnab’s Resignation!



Arnab Goswami has become the top national trend and the Times Now’s journalist quitting the channel becoming a subject of intense conversation on digital platforms. The journalists present in the editorial meet, specially convened by Arnab to inform them about his decision to move on, were told by the popular Newshour presenter that he had ‘resigned’ to take on new challenges.

However, TV industry is abuzz with speculation on whether Arnab quit of his own volition or he was made to resign.
One Mumbai-based Times Now journalist told an online portal, “Most of us didn’t believe that his decision was sudden. All was not well between him and the bosses in the Times Group. Arnab had spectacularly fallen out with his boss Vineet Jain in the recent weeks making his position in the channel untenable.”

The journalist, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out how Arnab had given a ‘public dressing down’ to Jain when the right-wing groups demanded a ban on Pakistani actors in India.

“It’s no secret that Arnab ran a campaign against Pakistani actors being allowed to work in Bollywood. Vineet had felt otherwise and even tweeted advocating in favour of Pakistani artists. This was the beginning of the end of Arnab’s relationship with Times Now,” said the journalist.

Vineet, Arnab’s boss and the MD of Times of India group, had tweeted, “By supporting Pak artists v come out stronger globally.we get known as a liberal&peaceful nation.We isolate Pak even more among pak citizens.(sic)” Arnab was discussing the Khoon Ki Dalali comment made by the Congress’ vice president, Rahul Gandhi on his prime time debate show Newshour, which had Ajay Alok, a JDU spokesperson, as a guest among others.

Ajay Alok is a liberal, secular politician and he wanted to annoy Arnab with his Boss’s tweets and even accused Arnab of hypocrisy, but Arnab has given a thrashing reply to him!! watch video below..

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