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Jane Plant, A Geochemistry Professor Discovered Why Chinese People Don’t Get Breast Cancer!



This is a story about one great woman, a scientist who fought against a fatal disease and won.

Jane Plant is a caring mother, beloved wife and respected scientist. Unfortunately she fell seriously ill with breast cancer in 1987; Jane was 42! Despite this fatal disease was gradually killing her, Jane refused to give up.

At that time, Jane’s husband worked in China. And he discovered something quite shocking: Chinese people do not get breast cancer. Can you believe it?!

So, Jane and her husband began their investigation. As a result, Jane created her revolutionary diet and lifestyle program, that saved her life and cured cancer!

Here is her story!

“I was wondering – why Chinese women don’t develop breast cancer. Well, this was the main reason why I’ve examined this problem very closely,” said Plant. “And, one magical day, some of us (I am still not sure who) got this brilliant idea: “The Chinese don’t eat dairy produce!”

“Well, to be honest with you, this was quite a shock, mixed with a great excitement and happiness in the same moment. We just felt we are so close to something big, and like all things were finally absolutely clear.”

“So, I removed dairy produce from her diet. This made the lump shrink in days! And, guess what – after 2 weeks, my second chemotherapy finished, I did not consume dairy, and the lump in my neck began to itch, then soften, and became smaller”

“And, after 6 weeks (without any dairy products), I began practicing meditation for an hour daily, and out of the blue, I felt that my lump was missing. “

“I went to visit my cancer specialist at Charing Cross Hospital in London. So, she checked my neck thoroughly, in particular, the area where the lump previously was and announced that he cannot find it.”

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, you may find it hard to believe that such a natural substance as milk can actually lead to such health issues, but do not forget that I am a living proof of it.”

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