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Author : Subir Deb
[email protected]

According to propaganda made by the “secularists” in the run up to the last parliamentary election, India should have witnessed large-scale communal riots and exodus of the minorities from the country immediately after BJP came to power in May, 2014. Yet, nothing of that kind happened. So in the last three-plus years of BJP rule, they tried to make the most of the few unfortunate incidents did take place. Thus, wide coverage was given to the isolated incidents involving “Gau Rakshak”, “Beef Ban” etc. giving the impression of “Intolerant” India.

In December 2015, when a mob killed a Muslim man and injured his son at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh over rumors that they ate beef, the secularists complained about the “vanishing space for diversity”, about “people being killed for not agreeing with the ruling ideology” and that the Indian environment getting “worse and worse in the past 15 months”. Several “secular” intellectuals and artistes felt perturbed by this “rising intolerance” so much so that they returned their awards and medals in protests. Significantly, this avalanche of anguished protests started and ended with the Bihar State elections but the blot of intolerance on the image of the nation is still lingering in the international arena. 

It’s not a new occurrence in India and one witnessed similar scenes after BJP came to power in 1998. Incidences of Kandhamal, Orissa, where a Christian man murdered a girl and her little brother, the rape of four nuns in the Central-Indian town of Jhabua in a quarrel among mostly Christian tribals, the series of bomb blasts against Christian churches in South India by Deendar Anjuman Muslim group with headquarters in Pakistan are some of the instances where the media initially screamed that Hindu nationalists had perpetrated the crimes. After the truth came to light, these were reported only marginally in Indian media sotto voce. International media did not report it at all.

In the worldwide perception, the rumor of Hindu nationalists murdering a Christian girl and her little brother; their false involvement in raping of nuns; the bogus allegation of bombing of Churches by saffron terror outfits; all remained stuck forever. How effectively it suits their narrative to shoot and scoot! Their cunning is so well entrenched that often a ‘blink and you miss it’ corrigendum by way of apology cleverly snuffs out the counter of legal action against false narratives.

Indian media proved its double standards by exaggerated reports of Ballabhgarh lynching of Junaid Khan (which, in actuality, was a seat sharing brawl with a religious angle slyly woven in later) in June 23, 2017 and killing of Pehlu Khan by mob in Alwar on April 1, 2017 while playing down reports of lynching of DSP Mohammad Ayub Pandit by a mob outside the historic Jamia Masjid at Nowhatta in Jammu and Kashmir on the same date of June 23, 2017 and killing of Kartik Ghosh by a mob at Basirhat in West Bengal on July 6, 2017. It does not the require IQ of a rocket scientist to decode the motive. The aim is to corner Modi, embarrass Yogi and discredit the BJP – when the accused are Hindus! Conversely, play it down when accused are Muslims. This biased religious affiliation of the media is disturbing secular India.

Some highly critical comments against CM Yogi Adityanath with reference to UP’s Gorakhpur tragedy reveal that the rivals are stooping rather low to show BJP-rule in a bad light. Instead of joining hands with the State Government to quickly improve the pitiable public health system in UP, they are busy blaming Yogi for the unfortunate death of more than 60 children recently in BRD Medical College at Gorakhpur in UP. Apparently, they expect Yogi to erase all the ills, like the prevailing pathetic condition of health services that resulted from the decade long misrule of BSP and SP, within a few months of his tenure as UP Chief Minister – by wave of a magic wand!

Yet, the people of India were not ready to see politicians like Rahul Gandhi of Congress, Sitaram Yechury of CPM et al and their supporters to stoop so low to blame PM Narendra Modi and RSS directly for the murder of journalist, activist and a known critic of right-wing Hindu ideology, Gauri Lankesh on September 5, 2017, in Bengaluru. Obviously, they made the preposterous accusation without an iota of evidence merely to recharge the debate of “Intolerant India”.

Under the leadership of Modi, the majority Hindus have become assertive – they are refusing to remain silent spectators to the injustice that they suffered since independence of India. The majority community getting marginalized and becoming refugees in their own country is a rare historical phenomena in the world. India has displayed this incredulous peculiarity. Here Hindus have been driven out of Kashmir, the lone Muslim-majority state in India and from the Christian-majority state of Meghlaya.

The other two Christian-majority states in the North East India viz. Mizoram and Nagaland are also rejecting the Hindus. Dubious conversion of Hindus through allurement or deception is still going on surreptitiously. The blatant favoritism to the Muslims in particular is a cause of national concern. The list of inequity is long. Yet, there is never a debate of intolerance involving Muslims or Christians in India! The “secularists” are silent on these. So, there is anger and a kind of resurgence among the ill-treated Hindus. These days, the majority Indians are asking questions on the legacy of such unfair and unequal treatment.

The politicians who survive on divisive vote-bank politics, the Islamists and the Communists who oppose India’s secular, democratic principles and their supporters are skeptically called “secularists” because they promote communalism under the guise of India’s secularism. This group is now panicky, sensing the new insight of the India’s mainstream.

The allegation of intolerance against the Hindus is merely the panic response of this group and an attempt to silence the masses, ignored hitherto. Of course, there are avoidable instances of excessive reaction and deplorable retaliation in one or two isolated cases. Its roots lie in the last 70 years of injustice to the “marginalized” main-stream of the Nation under an almost-dynastic-rule.

Yet, the “secularists” are painting the entire Hindu community and India as “intolerant” taking recourse to these isolated incidences. But mainstream India won’t remain marginalized any more. Hindus want UNQUALIFIED “Right to equality” the fundamental right guaranteed by Indian Constitution – nothing more and nothing less. Today, the majority Indians are against dilution of this fundamental right in any manner and under any pretext. If this new approach to assert one’s fundamental right to equality is called INTOLERANCE – so be it!

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