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I am a COMMUNAL Hindu & I am NOT apologetic about it.



Author: Subir Deb
[email protected]

YES, I admit that I am a Hindu and I am out-and-out a communal Hindu. A recent Facebook post of a friend of mine stimulated that realization in me. One Christian lady from Shillong, posted three videos in her comments in a Facebook post of one of my friends. The videos apparently recorded some past incidents of alleged persecutions of Muslims and Christians by Hindus in UP. Side by side, these videos not only condemned Modi and Yogi Adityanath but also blatantly criticized Hindus and showed our Nation in a very poor light. I was asked questions like “….do you think this gentleman man of God, servant of God (sic) would like to play politics (through the videos)?” She went on asking “Don’t you know this journalist’s tunes of beautiful English voice was only from foreign country?” Obviously, she was referring to the commentators (in the videos) with foreign accent as “journalist” and the “man of God” might be a pastor. It angered me a lot and I retorted ‘……. I condemn the incidents shown in the videos without questioning the authenticity and would be happy to see the perpetrators punished in an exemplary manner. My full sympathy goes towards the victims. It’s no doubt very unfortunate. However, in a way, I consider these victims to be somewhat better off than others because when the “perpetrators”, allegedly the followers of Jesus Christ, were engaged in “ethnic cleansing of Hindu non-tribal” committing more gruesome cruelty during Meghalaya riots in 1978, 1979 and 1992 to drive out thousands of “Hindu” families; when in November 2013, the “perpetrators” burnt a non-tribal Hindu trader alive inside his shop after pouring petrol over him in broad day light at Bishnupur, Shillong, TO MENTION ONLY A FEW, there was no one to record those barbaric crimes and no one was there to capture the atrocities in any video! These were simply buried under the debris of history. I just recall them sadly from my personal memory. I never heard a single word of condemnation from the “gentleman man of God, servant of God” although there was no dearth of them in Shillong or in Meghalaya! 

Now, tell me who would benefit the most by driving out Hindu families from Meghalaya? As per the statistics in YOUR video, Hindu population in UP is 79.73% as against 0.18% of Christian population. Compare this with the statistics of Meghalaya where Christians are 83.30% as against 11.90% Hindu. Also, see how Christian population increased over the years. It was 6.16% in 1901, 24.66% in 1951, 64.58% in 1991, 70.25% in 2001, 74.59% in 2011 and 83.30% in 2017. Is it necessary to spell out what it says? Can you furnish any example where Christian families have been chased out in such a large scale by Hindus from any part of India as the Christians did to Hindu families in Meghalaya – since its inception? Who gains more by keeping the people of Meghalaya in isolation by putting restrictions on fellow Indians to settle there? Why there is a demand for “Inner Line Permit” at a time when the country is trying to open up to the world? 

Regarding your question of “servant of God” playing politics, I would rather suggest you to look at the history – not only the world history but also that of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya and find the answer for yourself.

Nevertheless, I consider myself very lucky that “tunes of beautiful English voice was (sic) only from foreign country” (or Urdu commentary in one of those videos of yours), as mentioned in your post, did never impress me much and hence it could not take away my age-old faith and so, I am still “Subir” and not “Sebastian” or “Sabir”!
I generally hate to engage myself in any mudslinging bout but you have provoked me. The videos you are posting, wittingly or unwittingly, have 0the potential of starting more communal riots. Hence, my gloves are also off to match your dirty play. For God’s sake stop playing with the sentiments of common people and refrain from creating divide among fellow Indians with your malicious propaganda (video or not) in the name of religion, caste, language and now the food habit …..”   

In my Facebook comments, what I did not mention was that the Christian majority tribal population in Meghalaya had always been on the warpath with the non-tribal Hindus. They forcefully uprooted thousands of Hindu families from Meghalaya over the years through violent protests on the PRETEXT of protecting and preserving their age-old tradition, unique tribal identity and ethnic culture – all sounds rather convincing. But, here’s the catch – there was never any agitation to restore their own TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS which they practiced earlier – prior to their conversion to Christianity. It is not difficult to guess the mystery behind this obvious exclusion, who orchestrated these protests all along and why there are constant efforts to keep this tribal population in “apartheid” through introduction/demand of “Inner Line Permit” in their States. When I raise this matter, I am accused of being communal!
The Muslim fanatics who have wiped out Hindu Pundits from Kashmir during the 90s were, in contrast, quite upfront and open about it. There was no pretense. Their barbaric acts against the Hindu families were preceded by slogans from the loud speakers fitted atop MOSQUES announcing “Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai’ (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar); ‘Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa’ (What do we want here? Rule of Shariah) etc. etc. Every MOSQUE in Srinagar and the Valley repeated these slogans. And in a few weeks, an estimated 3,50,000 to 8,00,000 Kashmiri Pundits were forced to leave their ancestral houses and land, for no other crime than being Hindus – becoming refugees in their own country! They are still living a miserable life. When I wrote about it, I was criticized as being communal.

Indian constitution allows certain extraordinary privilege to the Muslims in Kashmir and Christians (tribal) in Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalay. Under the umbrella of those special concessions, some religious leaders are working overtime to control these populations to further their vested interests. In Kashmir, the religious invasion is exposed but in the Northeast, it is carefully hidden. In Kashmir, Pakistan waged a proxy war against India with the help of the radical Muslims, In the North-East, India has to cope with foreign aided Christian (tribal) insurgents. Reports suggest that overt and covert overseas financial support also reaches these States regularly. Thus the steps taken to protecting and upholding the interests of the minorities, emasculated the Hindus systematically and compromised the integrity, safety and security of the country. The Kashmir problems make headlines in National News papers every now and then and so, the people are more or less aware of it. But, since the nation with its reputed journalists and media houses by and large is not conscious of the surreptitious reality of the North-East, these developments go unreported. Because I reflect on these issues, I am condemned as being a communal Hindu.

In Hindu majority India, more than 208 Hindu temples were desecrated, in last two decades in Kashmir alone, according to J & K State government’s written reply to the Assembly in October, 2012. The Nation has almost forgotten about it as “one of those things”. However, all hell broke loose when ONE mosque was demolished in India! There is no doubt that Babri Masjid was built over a temple, unless of course some believe that the wicked Hindus somehow managed to bury huge quantity of debris of an ancient temple deep underneath the structure of Babri Masjid through some divine tricks! Ramjanmbhoomi is not any other temple site but a very important one for millions of Hindu who believe that it is the birthplace of Ram. To them, it is equivalent to or perhaps more important than Mecca is for Muslims.  So, Hindus are reclaiming the site. It is sad that the Muslims are still laying claims over it and refuse to give any concession to the Hindus. Only when the unrelenting pleas in various forums proved futile, the followers of Ram decided to take the matter in their own hands. Not a single Muslim was hurt in the “Ramjanmbhoomi” movement and it was primarily directed only towards building of a temple. Still, the matter is sub judice and I must be careful!

India adheres to the UNO Declaration that mandates it to protect and promote the interests of minorities. Majority and minority are contextual. One may be a majority in one context, and a minority in another. Thus, Hindus are a majority in India, but a minority in our only Muslim majority State of Kashmir and also in the Christian majority States of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya in the North-east.  In reality however, the “minority” Hindu population in these States are subjected to many unreasonable restrictions by the Government plus maltreatments and discriminations by the religious “majorities” of the respective States. To make it worse, in 2011 the UPA government brought forward the Communal Violence Bill which did not recognize communal violence committed by minority communities against the majority community. When I deliberate over this anomaly, I am called a communal Hindu.

The country has witnessed vociferous protests over alleged “intolerance” by the Hindus but the extreme “tolerance” that is being displayed by the Hindus is been ignored. Despite being chased out by the minorities from their ancestral homes in Kashmir and Meghalaya and regardless of the severe restrictions imposed on them to settle in the States where “minorities” are in majority, Hindus are expected to welcome the minorities to live with them permanently in their midst – which they are doing so far! Nevertheless, as I point this out, I am criticized as being a communal Hindu.

Most of the Hindus are averse to beef-eating but are tolerating this food habit of the minorities. Cattle slaughter in India is a historically taboo subject because of the cow’s traditional status as a respected creature of God in Hinduism. Article 48 of the Constitution mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows. In 2005, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutional validity of anti-cow slaughter laws enacted by different state governments in India. 24 out of 29 states in India currently have various regulations prohibiting either the slaughter or sale of cows. The terrified domestic cows are routinely shipped to states with lower or no requirement for slaughter, even though it is illegal in most States to ship animals across State borders for slaughtering purpose. On 26 May 2017, the  Central Government  imposed a ban on the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter at animal markets across India. The controversy over cow slaughter and beef eating has become a subject of heated political debate. Now, in protest, a section of Muslims and Christians in collusion with some political parties and the “Liberals” are publicly holding “Beef Festivals” – obviously to provoke and mock the religious sentiment of the devout Hindus.

The recent “Beef Ban Bashing Banquet” in Aizwal, the capital of Christian majority State of Mizoram, is one such example. Remruata Varte of social network group `Zolife’, which organized the symbolic protest, said “The people of Mizoram showed to the world that they do not want their right to choose what they eat to be curtailed”. Ironically, it reminds me of China’s “Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival” where thousands of terrified dogs — many of them stolen pets — are butchered every year for human consumption that is slated for June 21, 2017.  There is extraordinary mainstream media coverage and international public outrage against it. Even Chinese celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Chen Kun, Sun Li and Yang Mi have also publicly expressed distaste for the festival. This dog eating festival is likely to be cancelled permanently due to the unprecedented international pressure on Yulin from animal lovers across the world. All this is happening because dogs are considered as “companion animals”. But the cow’s traditional status as a respected creature of God in Hinduism is hardly accepted and respected by the “Liberals” and the “minorities” in India. I wonder, when the festival at Yulin would be officially banned, whether all those “Liberals” who are now publicly participating at “Beef Festivals” would also hold “dog meat festival” in protest and publicly eat dog meat! Since I correlate the issues plus perceive “beef festival” to be provocation and mockery to the religious sentiment of the devout Hindus, I am branded as a communal Hindu.

Some people blame BJP for being a “communal” party. In order to combat the BJP-wave led by Modi, other political parties are now ganging up to form a “secular” alliance! The BJP claims that the party had based its ideology on “Hindutva” and “Integral Humanism. I prefer Modi just because there is no better choice at the moment. I also support the much criticized “Hindutva”. However, I am against cow vigilantism and ban on cow slaughter. I denounce all sorts of excesses in the name of cow protection, beef ban etc. and condemn religious fanaticism. I do not hold any brief for the BJP and so I leave it at that for the people of India to form their own opinion. Nevertheless, as per Supreme Court judgment of 1995 and re-endorsed by it on 2 January 2017, Hindutva is said to be “a way of life and not a religion”. However, the “so-called” liberals, secularists and many intellectual social scientists in India maintain that Hindutva is a fascist movement which adheres to the concept of homogenized majority and cultural hegemony.

Yet, the alternative to this model that has been followed in India for the last seventy years in the name of protecting the interests of the minorities plus the policy of appeasement in the name of secularism is creating religion-based alienation between different communities. This has the potential of disintegrating India further. On the other hand, the Majoritarianism in real sense, without any special concession or privilege to any one or group of people would be the answer to the mess that has been created in India over the years. But the so-called intellectuals and the myopic political leaders who had been advocating “unity among diversity” with their faulty approach are totally against “Majoritarianism”. Because of my pragmatic views on this issue, I am denounced as a communal Hindu. Surprisingly, there is no remorse in me!

After seventy years of independence, there must be a level playing field in India for its EVERY citizen. If there is a Minority Commission, there must also be a Majority Commission to prevent the “reverse” discrimination against the Hindus. Ideally, there should be only one Commission i.e. Human Rights Commission. If some sacrifice is expected from the majority, the minorities must also be prepared to compromise at least on certain issues and respect the religious sentiment of the majority population. Such gesture from the minorities is so far conspicuous by its absence. The unyielding attitude of the Muslims on the dispute over Ramjanmbhoomi – Babri-Masjid issue is a case in point. When I point out the raw deals that the Hindus have been getting all along in INDEPENDENT India, I am labelled as a communal Hindu.

When constant appeasement of Muslims and Christians becomes the hallmark of a secular citizen in India, I prefer to side with the communal forces. I am just being true to myself – upholding MY RIGHT to think freely, speak candidly and write independently based on the reality that I see around me. Since my motive is bonafide and my conscience is clear, I readily accept that I am a communal Hindu and I am NOT at all apologetic about it.

I am told that :-

There are 3 lakh mosques in India. No other country in the world has these many mosques.

There are only 24 Churches in Washington, 71 in London, 68 in the city of Milan in Italy, while in Delhi alone there are 271 churches.

If I wonder about it, I am a Hindu communal.

I have not come across an Indian Muslim opposing the dreaded terrorists like the ISIS but we have millions of Hindus who are opposing the social organizations like the RSS.

If I talk about it, I am a Hindu communal.

I have not seen any Muslim holding party on Holi or Diwali festivals for Hindus, but I have seen Hindus holding Iftar for Muslims during Ramadan.

If I point this out, I am a Hindu communal.

Indian flags are being burnt in Kashmir by Indian Muslims but I have never seen, heard or read about an Indian Muslim burning a Pakistan flag.

If I mention this, I am a Hindu communal.

I have seen Hindus wearing topis for visiting Mazars
but I have neither seen nor heard an Indian Muslim wearing “tilak” on his forehead for visiting temples.

If I write about this, I am a Hindu communal.

So what?

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