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Hateful Attacks On Hindus In India



Author : Subir Deb
[email protected]

A nasty campaign unparalleled in the 70 years history of India’s independence has been launched by a section of the press against the majority Hindu population. Leading from the front as usual is the Times of India (TOI). A case in point is the article titled “Is The Hindu A Victim? Hindus feel safe and the victim narrative is a manufactured war cry” (TOI Jul 19 2017). One of the pet columnists of TOI has done it again with yet another malicious write-up. This obsessed columnist (her daily tweets bear the testimony) wrote that “The Hindu victimhood narrative which is nothing but an Islamophobic war cry against minorities, needs to be busted.”

Without wasting any space on the petty point whether it’s a few seconds (as she writes) or a few minutes of “Azaan” blaring through loud speakers every morning that people around Mosques need to bear with, some more pertinent points from the article are deconstructed to see how effectively and truly or untruly the Hindu victimhood narrative is BUSTED by the columnist.

a) It is written “… the Hindu experiences no fear from minorities and is perfectly safe and free to practice his religion in whichever manner he wants.” The reality is – the entire Hindu Pundits was wiped out from Kashmir in India in early 1990s for no fault of theirs other than being Hindu. Also, thousands of Hindu families were driven out of the Christian majority State of Meghalaya in the North East India with three major communal riots in 1979, 1978 and 1992 and their flight has not stopped as yet. Only these two unique examples of majority Hindus becoming refugee in their own country should be befitting enough to answer the title-question and to prove whether “victim narrative (of Hindus) is a manufactured war cry” or not.

b) Demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 over its Ramjanambhumi dispute made head line news all over the world whereas destruction of thousands of Hindu temples hardly made any flutter even in India. It’s official that more than 200 Hindu temples were desecrated in Kashmir alone between 1990 and 2012. A similar desecration of Hindu temples is still occurring in other States in India. However, it won’t be prudent to cite any more recent instances to answer the question “Are Hindus victims in Bengal” as it might aggravate the fluid situation vis-à-vis the latest communal flare-ups at Bashirhut in West Bengal. Nevertheless, the columnist did answer the question with an emphatic “No” and added in support of her answer “fake photos on social media found no resonance among the citizenry which palpably experiences no fear of Muslims”. Suffice it to say that this conjecture is ridiculous and self-defeating because the communal flare up at Bashirhut actually occurred from a social media post!

c) “The fact is Muslims are the worst victims of terrorism” as mentioned in the article might be true in the global perspective but to say it in the context of communal victimization of Hindus in post-independent India is nothing but a misleading statement.

d) “If the community (Muslim) was ‘pampered’ and ‘appeased’ why doesn’t this show in rising incomes and education?” – asks the author. Two counter questions would illustrate the hollowness of the argument. “Can just pampering and appeasement generally raise income and education of any community?” “Is it not a fact that even in a family, an over-pampered and over-appeased child usually grows up as a spoilt brat?” The truth behind the backwardness (incomes and education included) of the Muslim community is well known to all socially-conscious Indians but the author is hiding the reality simply because it does not suit her mischievous agenda.

e) “The pernicious whisper campaign that Muslims are reproducing faster than Hindus and will soon outnumber the majority is a myth as shown by the website India Spend, which reveals through figures that fertility rates are higher among poorer communities, both Hindu and Muslim, and are not based on religion.” Drawing conclusion from the well accepted fact of higher fertility rates among poorer populations, the author is trying to CREATE a myth that Muslims are NOT growing faster than the Hindus. Between 2001-2011, the latest available census figures, the overall growth rate of India’s population was 17.7% where growth rate of Muslims was 24.6% as against 16.8% growth rate of Hindus. This comparative growth rate in the last decade debunks this attempted myth of the author.

This is just one of the many examples of misleading and untrue stories that news papers like TOI are circulating on and off to malign the majority Hindu community in India. They are blind in one eye and resort to duplicity. If it is the case of Ballabhgarh lynching of Junaid Khan in June 23, 2017 or killing of Pehlu Khan by mob in Alwar on April 1, 2017, it fits into their game plan. It is only because the alleged perpetrators were Hindu, they qualify to make headline news and for continuous heated debate both in electronic and print media.

The incidents would be picked up year after year to show the Hindus in poor light. But, the story of lynching DSP Mohammad Ayub Pandit who was stoned to death by a mob outside the historic Jamia Masjid at Nowhatta in Jammu and Kashmir on the same date of June 23, 2017 and the killing of Kartik Ghosh by a Mob at Basirhat in West Bengal on July 6, 2017 would be played down by the media because Muslims were the villains. The international media need not be blamed for their biased reporting against the Hindus which is the trend since last few decades. They merely borrow the distorted details from exaggerated or played-down reports from the Indian sources which constantly air their “considered opinions” on Hindu Nationalism in News paper articles and editorials.

This type of self-flagellations might satisfy some individuals’ perverse pleasure or allow a few journalists and their patrons in promoting their hidden interests but it enormously hurts the reputation of India in the eyes of the international communities. All responsible media houses and right thinking journalists must avoid such groups that create split among various communities. People of India, irrespective of their caste, creed and community, should openly reject all polemics against the Hindus based on falsehood so that the image of the nation is not tarnished.

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