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Gujarat Election Opinion Poll 2017 Latest Results: BJP to decimate Congress, may win 116 out of 182 seats



With just a few days left in the big electoral battle in Gujarat, an opinion poll results have brought good news for BJP and a bad one for Congress.

According to the latest opinion poll conducted by India TV-VMR, BJP is winning 30-34 seats in North Gujarat, while Congress may bag 18-22 seats; other may bag 0-2 seats. In South Gujarat, BJP may bag 23-27 seats, while Congress is expected to win 6-10 seats and others may clinch 1-3 seats. In Saurashtra-Kutch region, BJP may get 27-31 seats, Congress may bag 23-27 seats, Others to get 0 seats. And, in Central Gujarat region, BJP to get 23-27 seats, while, Congress may get 13-17 seats and others may get 0 seats. A Congress member said that PM Narendra Modi would not have had the need to campaign for elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, if he would have worked for the people of both the states

In total, BJP may get 106-116 seats, while Congress may get 63-73 seats and others may clinch 2-4 seats.

SEAT DETAILS: BJP vs Congress vs Others: 106-116 for BJP, 63-73 for Congress and 2-4 for Others
Region wise break up:-

Seats from North Gujarat

BJP: 30-34 seats
Congress: 18-22 seats
Others: 0-2 seats

Seats from South Gujarat

BJP: 23-27 seats
Congress: 6-10 seats
Others: 1-3 seats

Seats from Saurashtra-Kutch region

BJP: 27-31 seats
Congress: 23-27 seats
Others: 0 seats

Seat from Central Gujarat region

BJP: 23-27
Congress: 13-17 seats
Others: 0 seats

Earlier, an opinion poll by ABP-CSDS had predicted BJP’s win in Gujarat. According to this survey, BJP is set to win a majority with 95 seats, while Congres is expected to bag 82 seats and others may win 5 seats. “Out of total 182 seats, BJP, Congress and Others will clinch, 95, 82 and 5 seats respectively.

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