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Giriraj Singh blasts Owaisi after he made provocative statement about Ram Mandir in Ayodhya



Union Minister lambasted AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi over his latest statement on Ayodhya dispute. The Minister said Muslims in India are descendants of Lord Ram. People like Owaisi are influenced by “ghost of Jinnah” and they want to divide the country,

Giriraj said “Bharat ke andar koi Musalman Babur ka vansaj nahi hai, koi Musalman videshi nahi hai. Hindustan ka Musalman Ram ka vansaj hai, hamare purvaj ek hain, Pooja padhti alag ho sakti hai (No Muslim in India is descendant of Babur. They are also not foreigners. India’s Muslim is a descendant of Lord Ram. We all have one predecessor, rituals of worship may be different),” .

Giriraj was responding to Owaisi’s claim that Supreme Court will decide in favor of Muslims and Babri Masjid will continue to be in Ayodhya.

Owaisi’s provoked people by saying “Our Masjid will remain there and we will reconstruct it once again as Supreme Court will give the decision in our favour,”

He further states “The court will not give a decision on the basis of faith but on the basis of decision,” he added. Muslims will never leave that space, added the Hyderabad MP. “The people who threaten to leave the Masjid and speak against our `shariat`. I would like to tell them that we will never leave that space,” .

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