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Epic Comedy VIDEO! You wont stop Laughing if you watch this Speech of Rahul Baba!



This one is real comedy, Do watch and have a great Laugh!

Rahul Gandhi came back from London only to say this nonsense! “Achche din are only going to come when the Congress comes to power in 2019.” Mocking PM Modi, “Today they (BJP) have weakened every institution. First time in the history Prime Minister of India is being ridiculed.” he was Speaking at the Congress’ national convention- ‘Jan Vedna Sammelan’, Rahul Gandhi and his followers have no clue about what is going on in this country! most of the time their leader is in foreign and have no connection with the ground reality.

Here we are showing a picture in which Rahul Gandhi is ridiculing his own PM Dr Manmohan Singh.

Is he talking abt this pic whr MMS is left holding mithai like loyal servant?

According to Rahul Baba! “PM Modi must ask why has the demand for MNREGA suddenly surged, why are people migrating for villages instead of cities? PM Modi asked everything to join Swacch Bharat, the drama continued for a few days; then Make in India, Skill India,” Mr Rahul please tell us when did this migration happened ? is it just happened in 2014 or 70 years ago? You guys destroyed the self sufficient village economy of this country through various scams and now complaining about migration? if you do not know about the historical facts , dont speak utter rubbish for your ignorant followers!

Sharpening his attack against BJP and RSS, Rahul said, “PM and BJP has habbit of asking question what did the congress do over last 70 years, people of the country know very what we have done.” Well Mr. Rahul Gandhi people of this country are very well aware of you and your party’s gimmicks, corruption and criminal records. Your ache din is only for People like Sonia Gandhi, Vadra, Kalmadi, Sheila Dixit and many other corrupt and crooked politicians ! So stop lecturing our PM and government!

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