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After Bangalore’s Night of Shame, This Is What People Do To North Eastern Girls In The City



It’s shame to say that women are not safe in our country, molestation, assaults and rapes have degraded the reputation of our country internationally. Initially, Delhi was painted as the unsafe place to live for girls and now Bangalore is following its suite.

2016 left and gave us a reality check as a parting gift. And since the mass molestation on New Year’s eve, several videos of molestation propped up on the internet claiming to be from different parts of Bangalore and tainted the image of the city.

While the entire nation was getting out of the embarrassment a new tale of national shame and the mockery follows. A new horrid episode has surfaced on the internet which just make your blood boil. OneIndia News recently uploaded a video of two Northeastern girls getting beaten up and heckled by their landlords when an alleged spat over parking space turned ugly. The entire incident which also took place over last week of December was captured by someone and the disturbing video has now, gone viral! Apparently, a case has also been registered against the landlords by the Bengaluru police.

Watch horrendous attack on two Northeast girls here:

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