You will also Boycott Dangal if you watch this Video of Aamir Khan! Must watch

After the surgical strike Bollywood is in a dilemma that is whether to accommodate Pakistani artists here or not! Many popular actors and actresses came out in support of Pakistanis whereas some section of the Bollywood stand with Indian army and people! So here comes the question! Why Bollywood acting like a separate entity inside our nation! are they not part of our country! This is the high time to take some serious rethinking on tolerating these so called virtual heroes!

Aamir Khan did not say anything about the current debate on pak artists, but people of this country cannot forget and forgive what he had done few months back! Aamir Khan with his degraded comment, tarnished the image of our country globally and acted as a puppet in the hands of some anti national people! This video explains the intolerance debate in detail and IF YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO YOU WILL SURELY BOYCOTT HIS UPCOMING MOVIE !