Why Shiv Sena is still relevant in Maharashtra an Analysis !

Shiv Sena is a thought and it will remain relevant in Maharashtra’s politics for several years to come

Unfortunately, most part of the mainstream media is controlled by libtards. The country often sees current affairs through leftist specs. Right-wing political parties and groups are the worst casualties. Some progressive liberal intellectuals do everything possible to defame them and create fear about them among people. If you look at the list of victims, Shiv Sena seems to be one of the most attacked.
The party recently completed 50 years of its existence. Our leftist friends used this opportunity to release write-ups to show that the Shiv Sena has become irrelevant. Anyway, in this write-up, let’s look at Shiv Sena from rightist specs to understand its significance. Let’s look at the party with positive mindset for a change.

Sena workers are messiah for some, hooligans for others (based on true story)

Dr. Santosh Nene (name changed), a 26-year-old doctor was working as a physician with Deccan (Pune) based health care company that offers physician office visits. He left the job after serving a notice period in the last week of May because of the owner, Dr Jog’s (name changed) arrogant behavior, and more than twelve hours of shift on a daily basis.
On 15th June 2013, his elder brother noticed that Santosh was upset because of something. Santosh’s brother knew that he had left his job with Jog’s organization in May, and was looking for new job. So, initially, he ignored the tense look on his younger brother’s face as he thought the young doctor might be upset because of frustration involved in job hunting.
After two days, Santosh approached his elder brother and said he is upset because his previous employer is delaying his payment for the month of May. Whenever the young doctor called up Jog, his assistant requested for a callback on the next day. Santosh also said Jog owes money to many people and has earned a bad reputation due to non-payment of dues.
The concerned senior doctor was supposed to clear Nene’s dues by 5th of June. Even after several phone calls, and two visits at his clinic, they did not show any intention to pay up.
There was nothing much that Nene could do, except for filing a police report about the issue. Fortunately, he had recorded one phone call, and during this telephonic conversation, the health care centre’s owner had agreed that he owes one month’s salary to the young doctor. This call, along with snaps from the attendance register that doctor had taken during his last working days were good enough to show that he was employed by Jog for six months.  But, taking legal action was difficult because the clinic had not issued any appointment letter.   To be honest, Santosh had got himself into a frightful mess by joining the concerned doctor’s team without getting any appointment letter.

On June 18th, Nene’s elder brother came across one post from Shiv Sena-Yuva Sena Pune’s page. The post was about how the party’s youth wing leader approached one contract labour agency and forced them to pay three months pending salaries of employees working at a shopping mall.  The concerned post claimed that police had shown their lack of ability when workers had directly approached them. This story urged Santosh’s brother to try his luck with Yuva Sena, and he called them to get their suggestion in his brother’s case.
Yuva Sena’s Swapnil Shrotri from Kothrud got in touch with the concerned family. Within few minutes, this young Shiv Sainik reached Nene family’s residence.  He heard all the case details and listened to the recorded phone call between Jog and Nene. He also checked snaps of attendance register. After going through all the details, Swapnil laughed and asked Santosh to give Dr Jog’s phone number.
“You are a senior doctor and Santosh has worked with you for six months. Why are you delaying his last month’s salary payment? Both of you are doctors, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself when you try to rob someone’s hard earned money? I have heard your phone conversation with him. If you are not willing to clear his dues, I will have to file a police case against you,”- said Swapnil to the health care company’s owner during their phone conversation.
“Oh, I never expected that he would approach you guys. Anyway, I will pay him his salary for 22 days and won’t pay for eight days marked as week offs,”-said the senior doctor.  Swapnil suggested the doctor and his brother to accept the salary for 22 days first and then decide if legal action should be taken against him or not.
Jog readily asked Nene to collect his cheque on the same day. As promised, the arrogant doctor had kept his cheque ready with his assistant.
This is just one story, and there are thousands of such cases from Pune alone that show how Shiv Sainiks help the common man in day-to-day life. Sena’s shakhas are open for people from all walks of life.

Shiv Sainiks are party’s most important assets

In October 2015, L K Advani’s former aide-Sudheendra Kulkarni-had organized a book launch event for Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri (Pakistan’s former foreign minister) in Mumbai. Sena’s message was clear, you should not let the enemy sell their products, make money here in India. The party also submitted their written objection letters to the PMO and state’s CM Devendra Fadnavis.
But the BJP dismissed its ally’s objection and declared support for the event. In spite of tight security, six Shiv Sainiks managed to blacken Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face. Kulkarni used this attack as an opportunity to gain free publicity. Perhaps, he applied more of that black color on his face before sitting for book release event with Pakistani politician.
Anyway, getting back to the topic, six Shiv Sainiks-Ashok Waghmare, Prakash Husbe, Dinesh Prasad, Gajanand Patil, Venkatesh Nair, and Samadhan Jadhav were called at Matoshri by Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray. Chief personally welcomed them and felicitated them.
Journalists did a quick background check about the above six and were surprised to find that these six were not typical politicians or hooligans. Reporters found that they were all doing full-time jobs and led a simple life like a common man. As far as party posts are concerned, only Gajanand Patil was found to be shakha pramukh. During their interaction with journalists, all six of them suggested that they are Shiv Sainiks from heart and give few hours of time every day for party work. The moral of the story here is that Sena’s workers are its assets. There is no other party in Maharashtra that has such loyal party workers who are always willing to help the common man.

“Sena does not have any minority cell or cell created on the basis of caste for its members because every party worker and leader becomes Shiv Sainik after joining the party. One must keep his caste and religion aside while working for the party. I am a Muslim and I am proud to say that I am associated with Shiv Sena since last ten years. Sena is not anti-Muslim; it is just against those individuals who create riots in the name of peaceful protests,”- says Shadab Mulani who is working as a coordinator for Pune’s Hadapsar constituency since last eight years.  The young leader claims that secular parties create a misconception about Sena to defame it and to grab vote share.

“I am with Shiv Sena since the last decade. Today, I am working as Yuva Sena’s secretary for Goregaon (Mumbai) Vidhan Sabha constituency. Unlike other political parties, Shiv Sena and its leaders never discriminate against people on the basis of their caste or their home state. There are several people from UP, Bihar, Bengal, Delhi, Punjab and other states who are working with Shiv Sena, but leftist journalists have created a wrong image about the party to defame it and to keep non-Marathi voters away,”- said Sandeep Radheshyam Singh while sharing details about his journey so far with Shiv Sena.

Sena did manage to prove its relevance recently

If you check all the results for municipal polls as well as Vidhan Sabha by-polls conducted after 2014s Assembly elections in the state, you would find that Sena has managed to register more victories than the BJP who tasted defeat at most places, possibly because of contesting alone.
Take Kalyan-Dombivali municipal corporation elections (outer Mumbai) as an example. In October 2015, state’s CM Devendra Fadnavis jumped in the party’s campaign and even declared package worth Rs. 6,500 crore for the area’s development. This was the first time that they contested elections as two separate parties in the area. Leaders from both parties were involved in verbal arguments during the campaign. (Surprisingly, both the parties gained more seats than the last time).  In spite of CM’s campaigning, the Shiv Sena won 52 seats, and the BJP won 42. Same was the case in Navi Mumbai, Ambernath, Badlapur, and other civic polls where BJP contested against Sena.
Some people had doubted about Uddhav’s style of functioning, but he has successfully navigated the party through several periods of crisis. Uddhav also managed to extinguish Raj Thackeray wave that ate Sena-BJP votes in 2009.

Today, actor Nana Patekar is in the limelight because he directly reached out to farmers with help. Believe it or not, but it was Uddhav Thackeray who first collected funds by organizing exhibition and sale of his photographs to directly reach out to farmers who have huge debt. Money was also spent on paying school fees of children of farmers who committed suicide. News story about the same somehow managed to find space on the fourth page of prominent papers back in December 2014. This is probably because the party spends zero money on PR. No one publishes their achievements, except for their own Marathi and Hindi paper- Saamana.

Uddhav should consider looking into national politics and help PM Modi

People who have closely watched Shiv Sena’s way of functioning would be able to assert it with confidence and force that it is a thought and not just a political party.
Sena’s network of Shakas and Shiv Sainiks is so impressive that PM Modi can actually use this network to make sure that his schemes from the center reach the needy ones in various parts of Maharashtra. BJP should stop worrying about dark clouds that it sees looming over Shiv Sena’s future and work towards improving alliance. On the other hand, Sena should also not forget that they are a part of NDA Government at the center, state, and PM Modi is THEIR PM.

Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut and Union Minister, Lok Sabha MP Anant Gete represent party the  in Delhi most of the times. But, the party should also give an opportunity to other talented people like Lok Sabha MP Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil to be its national face.
Sena chief should personally start looking into national affairs and crack the whip on party members who share their personal opinion as party’s opinion in the media.
The party must also consider the fact that their ideology is extreme-right, and they cannot form an alliance with anyone else except with the BJP. Hope party chief reconsiders his decision to contest 300 seats in the upcoming UP polls and forms an alliance with the BJP instead of dividing Hindu votes into two.

Some of Sena-BJP Government’s previous achievements

Let’s focus on some achievements that influenced common man’s day to day life during Sena-BJP’s previous term, between 1995 and 1999.

Within one year from coming to power in Maharashtra, more than 55 flyovers were planned and some were even constructed during the first year (1995).

The condition of Konkan Railway was improved in terms of passenger trains as well as goods trains. The regime at the center kept on changing during this timeframe, but Sena managed to co-ordinate with various railway ministers to get the job done.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway was planned and completed in record time. This further urged Vajpayee Government to plan its Golden Quadrilateral project.

Sena’s slum rehabilitation project(s) also kick started during the first year

Thousands of Junka Bhakar Kendras were opened in various cities and subsidized food was made available for everyone (not on the basis of your income or caste) for just Rs.2! After coming to power, Congress and NCP scrapped this project in 1999. Fadnvis had shown his intention to start these centers back, but nothing has been done as of now.

The beef ban that CM Devendra Fadanvis often takes credit for was actually an initiative taken by Sena’s CM Manohar Joshi during Sena- BJP rule in the state. However, the bill that was pending with president’s office was only cleared last year.

Sena also deserves special credit for Balasaheb’s dream project -Bandra–Worli Sea Link. Sena’s former chief laid the foundation stone in 1999 and it was expected to be completed within five years with a price tag of 6.6 billion. Unfortunately, Sena BJP lost power in Maharashtra and the project not only got delayed because of the Congress-NCP, but its overall cost escalated to 16 billion. Above all, NCP and its chief Sharad Pawar named the sea link as ‘Rajiv Gandhi Sealink.’

During its tenure, Shiv Sena organized funds from state government’s treasury to save INS Vikrant from being scrapped. In 1999, Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray also urged the then Defense Minister George Fernandes to turn it into a permanent museum. Later in 2004, George Fernandes declared that center has arranged 42 crore for the project. Unfortunately, after coming to power, the Congress messed up the project at the center as well as state level. On 29th May 2014 (With Modi government at the center), INS Vikrant was taken at Darukhana ship breaking yard. Indian Navy blamed the Congress-NCP government for failing to maintain and converting INS Vikrant to a museum within the right time frame to save it.



A consultant journalist by profession with over five years of experience. He works on business, crime, Bollywood, and political stories. The Author holds a BA degree and Diploma in Cyber Law. Hates news traders and leftist journalists who twist the truth to misguide viewers and to satisfy their political masters. Website- https://cyberjournal24.in/
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