Although President Donald Trump has shown least interest in politics and key functions of the U.S. presidency, he has taken full advantage of his position to enrich himself and his family. His power and position in the White House have benefited him and his family business.

As this was well expected since the Government Ethics Office and concerned citizens gave a heads up when Trump assumed the office, reports The New Yorker. The Department raised an alarm about the fact that the government leases the building that includes the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. to the Trump Organization. They were concerned about the conflicts of interest that arise from the lease and the opportunities for corruption that the deal creates.

However, Trump has done absolutely nothing to alleviate those fears. In fact, he has been blatantly taking efforts to fill his pockets from the presidency by various means. He encouraged foreign dignitaries to reside in his hotel and organize party fundraisers there. All these were done at a huge rate hike following inauguration day, raising the cost of a room to an average of $652 per night.

As fate would have it, the business couldn’t be kept in secret for long. The news has finally seen the light revealing the Trump Hotel in Washington having made almost $2 million in profit so far this year. Nevertheless, the Government Services Administration is quickly working to cover the President’s tracks, scrubbing the evidence of Trump’s corruption from their website, reports The Hill.

“The documents were posted inadvertently and have been removed from the website,” said Pamela Dixon, a spokeswoman for the GSA.

Why the documents were posted in the first place is beyond us. Probably, it could have been work of a silent whistleblower?

In any case, it’s disgraceful to see the President of the United States turning our once-great democracy into a banana republic plutocracy of corruption and nepotism.