Watch! What is the Secret Deal Between USA and Pakistan…. Ajit Doval Explains!

The National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval has time and again proved that he is the finest strategic expert in India. In the video Doval reveals a secret deal between USA and Pakistan and why the USA continues to provide billions of Dollars Aid & Aircraft to Pakistan.

He started with asking a question, “What is the deal, what is the deal between USA and Pakistan?”

He says, “When in 2001, Operation endurance was launched by the USA, it made two different offers to India and Pakistan.  It told India that you are the biggest democracy. We need your help. You are the biggest stakeholders, biggest army, and biggest economy in the region. Please stand by us and support us.”

“We told them that you go ahead in Afghanistan and we stand by you. They went to Pakistan and said you are supporting Taliban. If you do not stop it and cooperate with us, we will pop you to the stone age,” Doval continued.

Thus, this is how India and Pakistan supported the USA in its operation in Afghanistan! The tone the USA used showed the importance for both countries. It showed how much India is important in the region.

In the same breath, Doval explains how the USA backstabbed India by aiding Pakistan.

“US kept on weaponising them, kept on giving money, kept on giving superior equipment, transferring the technology and 10bn dollars from 2001 to 2008. It reached 15bn dollars by 2015,” Doval said.

Watch this video below to know how the USA betrayed India and went on to support Pakistan.