WATCH VIDEO! Rahul Gandhi exposed and he is going to Apologize to India soon!

Today Rahul Gandhi raised baseless allegation against Prime Minister Modi! As you know nobody believes this comic character Pappu, he doesnt even know how to speak, what to speak and when to speak! The secret behind this jibe against PM is that Top congress leaders are going to get arrested in the chopper scam soon.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi Dont be next Arvind Kejriwal…..if you have proof go to Court against Narendra Modi and put him behind the bars. If you cannot prove the allegations, people of India will punish you for sure. Rahul Gandhi as a politician is immature, still worst than an ignorant person. If he has enough proof against Prime Minister who is stopping him from exposing it? telling the media that he has proof, calling press meet and insulting PM is not the way! Rahul Gandhi once again proved he is not fit for Indian Politics.

Dear Indians let us expose this fraudulent politicians by sharing this news maximum and do watch the sub standard press meet of Rahul Gandhi below.