Watch: PM Narendra Modi Sends A Strong Message for Black Money Holders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a strong message for people having a huge amount of unaccounted cash and trying to use various tricks to convert black money to white. He warns that not a single person doing such act will be spared and thanked the people for supporting the decision of demonetization. He said the fight against black will be continued till the country comes out of this misery.

PM Modi also said that he doesn’t have any personal vengeance with those indulging in such acts, but these amounts belong to the poor, so the government will take all the measures to curb the black money. He gives a final warning to declare the unaccounted wealth and return to the mainstream. Every layer of corruption will be exposed and no one will be exempted trying to act smart.

After demonetization, a large number of high-profile arrests are made by the ED, IT and other investigation agencies. They have also recovered the enormous amount of money and various key information. These have been instrumental in nabbing the big fishes. Moreover, banks have been raided and several corrupt officials have been arrested.

PM Modi came to Mumbai to lay the foundation stone of several mega developmental projects; these are Mumbai Metro, Mumbai trans-harbor link (MTHL) and Elevated rail corridor project, that costs Rs 1,06,000 crore. He also laid the foundation stone for the statue of Shivaji. The statue will be carved out of rock in the Arabian Sea at a cost of Rs 3600 crore. It is expected to be taller than New York’s statue of liberty after the completion.

Watch here.