Watch! P Chidambaram Makes an Idiotic Remark on Women and Links it to Demonetization

Till now Azam Khan had made idiocracy comments on women that victim of rape don’t need to run to the Police and seek justice since the publicity of rape will invalidate their chances of marriage! Our Ex-Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had made an idiotic comment on women who need to buy lingerie should be a discreet act that needed secrecy and linked that to demonetization.

Chidambaram had made the lame remark at Karan Thapar’s interview where two Gossip-mongers talking about their bad times and cursing the person responsible for it.

Karan Thapar a well-known Indian journalist having Nehruvian, Marxist, Communist, Leftist connections and Ideologies, and the other one, a rich ex-Finance Minister who got into legal battles in various scams that looted the country under NDA regime, took a jibe at PM Modi having no concern about the country.

During this interview, the ‘Intellectual’ Chidambaram said that Government need not know if a young woman purchases lingerie.

He said, “Lingerie is Rs 15,000 crore market in India. Two-thirds of it is in the unorganised sector and the rest Rs 5,000 crore – in the organised sector, of which online buying is just a fraction. According to reports, innerwear as a category is the highest growing market in the women’s apparel segment growing at 15% year on year. The immense growth prospective in this solid business model has given a boost to online and cashless retail business sector of Lingerie.”

Well, Chidambaram, it must be difficult for you! It is quite understandable that demonetization has not only affected Separatists, Maoists, rioters and paid media but for black money holders of UPA too.

Watch the entire interview below.