Watch! How Bangalore is every woman’s nightmare Shocking!

When Bangalore police were still finding credible evidence of the mass molestation that happened at the frightening night of December 31st, a security camera in East Bangalore recorded another molestation video and it is the egregiousness of it all.

The video below shows that a woman was walking on the road when two men on a scooter approached her and as they got closer, she breaks into a run. One of the men on the scooter lunges forward her, gropes and molests her. It shows that she tries to get rid of him and fighting back while few eyewitnesses watch the entire act. Seconds later, the molester throws her hard on the ground and she struggles to pick herself up, the men race away. The eyewitness does nothing, didn’t even tries to help the woman to get up off the ground. The very next day, the photographs of the molestation of a woman would emerge, who was stalked in the heart of the city on New Year’s eve.

On the same the day in the other part of the city, to be precise at the famous MG Road, many people gathered to celebrate the New Year and some drunken mob molested some women in front of 1,500 policemen, who couldn’t handle the situation. The molesters outnumbered the policemen who couldn’t stop the molesters. They chased the women and broke down on camera. It is disappointing to say that Bangalore was once considered to be one of the country’s safest cities for women has now turned to be just like Delhi.

The mass molestation incident happened a few hours before the young woman heading home was attacked. The woman had taken an auto home and was walking down the street to her house when she was assaulted.

Bengaluru’s Night of Shame – December 31 – captured by multiple cameras in all its horror – has outraged the country, in part because of the remarks of Home Minister G Parameshwara, who is responsible for policing. “These things do happen,” he said about the women who were subjected to physical abuse. After furious calls for his resignation and a summons from the country’s top women’s rights body to explain his misogynistic remarks, he said he had been misquoted and misunderstood.