WATCH Hilarious VIDEO! “Modi is responsible for heart attacks ” Arvind kejriwal

Kejriwal’s drama continues! According to kejriwal many people died recently due to Narendra Modi, According to Kejriwal people are falling sick because of Narendra Modi’s decision. Nanrendra Modi is responsible for heart attack, cancer, stres, depression and what not!!

This man has gone completely nuts it seems, who on earth can think anything like this? One thing is sure, because of Narendra Modi’s decision many corrupt politicians have lost their sleep! kejriwal is one among them. We Indians must thank PM Modi for exposing these corrupt politicians one by one.

Do watch this Video, kejriwal is using all his options which include, press meets, twitter war and street side drama against PM Modi. Yesterday PM Modi had said, some people want to destroy me , I know they will go to eevry extend to stop me, but I am well prepared and will use every possible way to curn black money and corruption! And this Press meet drama happeend after PM Modi’s speech.. WATCH BELOW AND SHARE THIS HYPOCRISY