Want to Know why Modi’s Picture is Significant at the G 20 Summit!

“Prime Minister Modi has also been arranged in the first row, together with 13 leaders, including 11 heads of state and (Angela) Merkel, Chancellor of the next host country, Germany,” the website reported.

“Positioning the Indian Prime Minister in the first row has demonstrated China’s attention to India as a developing country and a rising power,” Wang said.

Modi’s positioning also shows what China feels about how the participation of developing and emerging countries has helped G20’s transformation into a long-term mechanism.

Wang said: “In the future if you look back, the Hangzhou G20 summit is bound to be a historical watershed.”

The arrangement of leaders standing near the host also shows the intimacy among nations, Wang said. Host countries could make some autonomous arrangements under the general framework, he added.

In Wang’s view, the group photo was “thoughtfully arranged”. He said putting the “troika” leaders in the centre has ensured the transformation of the G20 from a mechanism focussing on short-term policies and emergencies to a long-term policy and system.

“As the leader of the next host country of the G20 Summit, Merkel stands at the right side of President Xi Jinping, and at Xi’s left hand side is Turkish President Erdogan, the leader of the last G20 host country. This is the first time the leaders of the ‘troika’ stood together.”