Want to Know why Modi’s Picture is Significant at the G 20 Summit!

Every photograph might not be worth a thousand words but the G20 Summit group photo could throw up a thousand interpretations about where each leader stands in the hierarchy of power. At least, according to what China thinks.

The photo features the 36 leaders who gathered in Hangzhou for the 11th G20 Summit, including 21 heads of state or government, seven representatives of international organisations and eight leaders from guest countries.

According to an analysis by a top international expert from the prestigious Renmin University in Beijing, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s positioning in the group shows his stature and power in the eyes of China.

Wang Yizhi, director of the Institute of International Affairs at the university, explained to Zhejiang Online why he thought so.

According to the rules, the order usually followed from the front row to the row behind for group photos taken at international meetings is heads of the state (presidents and kings), governmental leader (prime ministers, chancellors) and representatives of international organisations.

“In each row, the leaders would be positioned from the centre to the sides according to the time they took office,” Wang said.