Do you want India to hit the Pakistani Terror Factories? Then be ready for a war with China!

It is about 32 hours since the attack on Uri army camp in India, by Pakistani terrorists. There is tremendous amount of anger in India, specifically in the sections of society which I normally don’t see overreact on social media. This was the front page of paper at my home – “We have had enough!” Front page of New Indian Xpress, the day after Uri Attack The overwhelming majority are screaming – Dear Prime Minister.. do something. do quickly..

That “do” can be full fledged war.
It can be economic blockade. It can be water stoppage for Sindhu and five rivers of Punjab going into Pakistan. It can be surgical strikes inside Pakistan like India did inside Myanmar last year.It can be as many as there are opinions on social media, papers and TV.But the big question is.. Can India attack Pakistan this week?

I am sure there is military will power. I am sure there would be enough political will power. I am sure India has plenty of financial cushion to do this. (Pakistan’s GDP is smaller than just one state’s in India – Maharashtra) I am sure internally there won’t be much opposition to India for a small scale surgical strike. But still.. 69 years of handling of Jammu and Kashmir by India is something we have to look at right now. Can India afford to hit Pakistan where it hurts the most, for Pakistan’s obsession with Jihadi terror export all these decades?

While I was looking for some pragmatic answers, amidst very loud war cries that I see in press, TV and social media, I happened to see this tweet set. A very thoughtful set of tweets by the user @vadakkus. From here onward, I am merely reproducing the fantastic probing analysis done by @vadakkus, with very little info from my side. Read it fully and then comment on what Indian government can do, should do, and most importantly, when to do. Vadakkus starts off a tweet storm on the entire Pakistan – India fiasco. There is more than what meets the eye here. And issue is NOT Kashmir. It also does not look like anything to do with Islam, Separatism, Human Rights, Army, AFSPA, Track 2 negotiation and many other things we hear on TV.

It is must deeper than that.. Geo politics!



Why is Pakistan obsessed with Kashmir? I have always wondered what makes Kashmir so attractive to Pakistan, that they are willing to keep the issue burning forever. What IS there?
{Prem Shekhar, a well known Kannada columnist informed a few weeks that Pakistan had even offered to give up East Pakistan in 1950s, in return for Jammu and Kashmir on the sidelines of official discussions with India! So definitely it is not religion or Kashmiris.. it is much deeper than that. It was water sources then, but now much more deeper…}