Breaking!! Watch Video how Narendra Modi saved Camera man from Jamnagar Dam!

PM’ Modi’s sharp eye may have just saved aDoordarshan cameraperson from certain injury if not something more serious. At a function in Gujarat to release water from the Aji Dam, the PM kept pointing to the cameraperson and gesticulated for him to move away from his camera. Soon after, the water released from the dam washed the camera down with some force.Visuals from the incident show PM Modi standing next to Gujarat Chief MinisterVjay Rupani and pointing repeatedly at something off the frame. Rupani too can be seen gesticulating, asking someone to move away.

The cameraman had presumably been among the many who had been positioned all around the podium to get the shot of PM Modi and Rupani taking part in the functionThe cameraman seems to have realized what the PM was trying to convey to him and fled, leaving the camera behind. The water can be seen rushing in around the camera, and knocking it down.Reports say the cameraman was from DD’s Bhopal centre. He has none other than the PM of India to thank for his safety.