Video: Communists are Attacking Janmashtami Celebrations In Kerala! Hindus are not Safe Under Communists!

Communist party of India is too arrogant in kerala as they cannot agree with any types of Hindu festival. Communists have been attacking Hindu organisational workers,  Hindu festivals and traditions in Kerala for the last 60 years or more. Communists themselves believe that they are athiests but they want to govern 90 %of kerala Temple.

Janmashtami popularly known as Shri Krishna Jayanti in kerala is conducted by a RSS offshoot Balagokulam ( organization for children) Lately communists found that the Janmashtami celebrations conducted by RSS are more popular than party programs. Even core party workers are participating in RSS programs. This infuriated the party leadership and they have started “Secular Shri Krishna Jayanti” under party banner in kerala and forced Hindus to participate in it. But nothing could stop RSS programs and it is keep on attracting masses to the janmashtami celebrations. This is due to this reason party criminals started attacking Janmashtami celebrations in Kerala

watch video below..