President Donald Trump continues to feed his supporters with his ludicrous ideas and comments, and they in return eagerly devour it and beg for more. Trump supporters don’t think for once about what he says or do, they will scream their hearts out heralding his utter defeats as unparalleled victories. They seem to be stuck in a vile cycle of fallacy.

While Trump gives the threat of war against North Korea, his supporters strive themselves into a bloodthirsty lather. The racist supporters start to pull out all of their bigoted rhetoric, including resurrecting their old racist claims that President Obama was a “secret Muslim” and wasn’t born in the United States.

Likewise, one of the Trump supporters took to Facebook to attack President Barack Obama and hail Trump. He called our first black president a “p*ssy.” A U.S. Marine stepped in to set the record straight with an epic response:

Wars are terrible and it is only known to people who have experienced it at firsthand. Trump’s threats of nuclear holocaust in North Korea are unpardonable and nasty. He’s an ineffectual leader and has all the military understanding of a small child playing with toy soldiers. Now, more than ever, it’s important for people with real experience to speak out, and push back against the madness.