This Hindu American Congress Woman has a Fantastic Janmashtami Message to Indians!

Today is Janmashtami! Birthday of Lord Shri Krishna, We know Krishna as a great warrior, Philosopher, family man and as a great king. He had every heavenly qualities, according to Mahabhagavata, Krishna lived here 125 years and guided Bharatavarsha.

For devotees Krishna is their Supreme Lord, dearest friend, lover and very close to their heart. One who loves Krishna will see him everywhere. Krishna was the first one who give an amazing commentary about Upanishads through Bhagwad Gita! Gita guided this nation through ages. Krishna’s Gita was inspiration for many national leaders like Vivekananda, Gandhi, Tilak, Aurabindo, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Azad , Subhash Bose and many. still the gems of Gita are guiding this Nation..

This is an amazing message about Janmashtami from American Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard ..she is the only Hindu woman Congress member in the congress and is regarded as a well qualified and scholarly person.. watch video below