This 19 Year old Brave Soldier Gunned Down The Uri Terrorists! He did not run away but Show them real courage!

Srinagar: In an inspiring tale of bravery from Uri, a 19-year-old Dogra soldier reportedly risked hiis life and gunned down one of the four attackers, who had stormed an army base near LoC and killed 17 soldiers. He shot down one militant and fought with three others alone. The soldier sustained serious head injuries when a bullet hit his helmet and was later taken to the hospital. Heavily armed militants stormed an army camp in north Kashmir’s Uri town in the wee hours Sunday, killing 17 jawans and injuring 20 other personnel. The injured were airlifted to the army base hospital in Srinagar

17 soldiers martyred in the dreaded terror strike and even in the midst of chaos and bloodshed this 19 year old boy showed extra ordinary courage and bravery! Nothing stopped him from fighting them back, he did not run away from the battle field and gunned down four Pakistani Pigs who attacked our soldiers when they were asleep! Cowards came in the darkness but our brave soldier did not hide anywhere rather showed them the real courage of Mother India!

This soldier’s story has become a massive inspiration for Indian army and our armed forces, the presstitute media like NDTV who never hesitate to praise terrorists and their families did not even cover the story of this 19 year old. Let us spread this news with all our country men and know that he is fighting for his life in the hospital. Before he fall down, he make sure that the terrorists were neutralized! Please pray for our brave soldier and share his story…