Shocking1 Muslim Personal Law Board Just supported Triple Talaq With this bizarre Argument!

New Delhi: The  Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Friday told the Supreme Court that “personal laws cannot be re-written in the name of social reforms”

Submitting its response in connection with the ongoing matter on the `triple talaq` issue, the AIMPLB said, “Personal laws cannot be challenged as violative of Part III of the Constitution.”

“When serious discords develop in a marriage and husband wants to get rid of the wife, legal compulsions and time-consuming judicial process….in extreme cases husband may resort to illegal criminal ways of getting rid of her by murdering her. In such situations `triple talaq` is a better recourse,” AIMPLB told the apex court

“Marriage is a contract in which both parties are not physically equal. A male is stronger and female is a weaker sex. Securing separation through court takes a long time deters prospects of remarriage,” it added.

The AIMPLB further said that polygamy as a social practice is not for gratifying men`s lust, but it is a social need.