Shocking! Watch What Happens to Women in Delhi During New Year’s Eve

A day ago, a shocking video of a woman being molested on the road in Bangalore surfaced over the internet, a new video today has emerged that shows a mob sexually assaulted a woman in Delhi. Reports suggest that the incident happened in New Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar on New Year’s Eve.

The video below shows that when a woman was travelling on a bike, some men seen pulling the scarf, however, when the Police tried to intervene, the mob attacked them too.

According to reports, several cars parked nearby were also damaged. Although the accused men have been identified, but the victim is yet to approach the police.

“We were standing at the barricade when we saw two people including a woman coming on a bike. There were some 200 drunk men around and they tried to stop the bike and tried grabbing the girl. We intervened and helped the girl get away. We caught two men too,” the police told News18.

The police said some women cops were injured too in the process,.

Watch here