Shocking! Read to Know How Hindus Are Treated in Pakistan

In India, minority rights are always talked about and special privileges are provided for them. Constitution protects their rights. While, Hindus in Pakistan are facing severe discrimination.

A Hindu reporter named Sahib Khan Oad works for Pakistan’s state-run agency called Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), has complained of facing discrimination at his workplace.

IANS conducted a telephonic conversation with Oad from Karachi, where he revealed that he was not a Muslim but a Hindu, and that too a Dalit. His Bureau Chief Parvez Aslam has been discriminating him since he came to know about his religion.

Oad was working just like any normal employees in the agency and everything was going normally until May this year. There was no discrimination of any kind as he was carrying ‘Khan’ in his name. This made everyone think that he was a Muslim. On May 29th Oad introduced his son Rajkumar to his colleagues and they came to know about his true religion.

Soon after his religious identity was revealed, the Bureau Chief of Karachi, Parvez Aslam started to discriminate him from others. Oad was asked to keep the utensils separate for eating at his office.

He also said that other colleagues were fair to him and even the journalistic fraternity also gave him moral support, but his boss continued to differentiate him.

Moreover, Aslam forced Oad to retract his statement. “He wants me to say that all such reports circulating in the media are lies,” he said to IANS.

When Oad was asked why he used Khan in his name, he reasoned that he and many Dalits in Dadu district of Sindh province did as to avoid being discriminated in a day to day life.

More than three million Hindus live in Sindh province of Pakistan. They have to face threats from Muslim extremists. They even abduct Hindu women.