Shocking! Presstitutes Barkha, Saba and others crying for Pakistan On Indus water Treaty!

Amid heightened tensions with Pakistan, India on Thursday did not rule out revisiting the Indus Waters Treaty that was signed with Islamabad in 1960. “I am sure you are aware that there are differences between India and Pakistan on the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty,” External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said in reply to a question at a media briefing here on Thursday.

“But this is an issue which is being addressed bilaterally. But let me make a basic point. Eventually, any cooperative arrangement requires goodwill and mutual trust on both sides,” Swarup said. “For any such treaty to work, it is important there must be mutual trust and cooperation. It can’t be a one-sided affair.” UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson made the remark at a General Assembly high-level side event on “water as a source of peace”.

After this incident some presstitutes like Barkha, saba and started batting for Pakistan! following are their remarks

“There is a difference between a military strike against a terror related target, which i believe we should undertake if we have the capacity” – Ashok Malik [email protected], september 22 , 2016

“Reassured not one guest on my show agreed with Yashwant sinha on scrapping Indus Water Treaty. India must be tough but water is not a weapon” @BDUTT  Barkha Dutt september 22, 2016

Dear readers and followers these are the real pakistani sympathizers inside our country, when the army and government is in the right direction, these pro pakistani doves supporting pakis inside the nation. For them water is not for weapon but for peace. What kind of peace they are aspiring for? they want peace through the blood of our soldiers? or they want peace after surrendering shamelessly to Pakistan!! Let us expose these terror apologists… they are definitely not our friends….

What is wrong with Indus Water treaty and who is the loser?