Shocking News! We have a Pakistani Citizen as Indian MP in the Parliament?

While our mighty soldiers are fighting against terrorist in the border and sacrificing their lives to safeguard our country, one may get awestruck, if they happened to know that a Pakistani terror supporter is aready working inside the Indian Parliament.

Yes. The intelligence reports suggest that Ahmed Hassan, now working under Mamata Banerjee’s TMC in Rajya Sabha was once a SIMI terrorist and hails from Eastern Pakistan. Thanks to the courtesy of CM Mamata.
According to the report Ahmed Hassan, aka Imran, is a Pakistani citizen ever since he entered India from East Pakistan in 1970-71, before the birth of Bangladesh.In his affidavit before the Election Commission, he had stated that he is 60 years old, & had passed his Higher Secondary examinations in 1972. But he does not make any mention of his citizenship, place & date of birth.

According to the intelligence agencies , Hassan was born in a village in Srihatta, Sylhet, in East Pakistan. He made his way into India from the Assam border, & first stayed in Dhubri in Assam. The place has a very strong Muslim population. He then shifted to Banarhat in Jalpaiguri district in North Bengal. His father, a ‘Razakar’, was responsible for killing a large number of Bengali intellectuals, & also aided the Pakistan Army during the Liberation War, as is mentioned in intelligence reports.

A Special Branch report of Assam Police states,“Hassan infiltrated Assam long before the birth of Bangladesh & as such, is an East Pakistani. His father too infiltrated, but took up a job in a tea garden in West Bengal, where he was killed by freedom fighters from Bangladesh who came across the border. His visits to Assam from West Bengal were monitored & he was found to be closely linked with several organisations close to the Pakistan’s ISI.”

Not only this but the report also states: “He had visited the camps that were being run at Moulavi Bazar in Sylhet, in the 80s, by an ISI Major. He maintained a facade while in Assam, saying he was a Leftist, since he was settled in CPM-ruled West Bengal. But, his agenda in Assam was clear cut & to some extent, he did succeed in consolidating anti-India forces here.”

“I was a member of SIMI from 1977 to 1984.” These were Hassan’s own words. He said this on April 24,1977, at a huge conference that was held at Aligarh Muslim University, where the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was born. Hassan was elected as its West Bengal president. The organisation SIMI stands banned by the Centre.