Shocking News! Here is How Bollywood Gang Ousted Arnab Goswami from Times Now

A month back the shocking news of Arnab Goswami resigning from Times Now stunned the media world and all the news enthusiasts. Many people were disappointed as Arnab Goswami was the most popular news anchor and his show Newshour at 9 PM had huge viewership.

Apparently, Arnab and his boss Vineet Jain had a different opinion on certain news. The rift between them started when Arnab raised his voice against Pakistani actors appearing in Indian films after the controversial Uri attack. While entire country and Bollywood was torn up between the sensitive issues, Vineet Jain also expressed his opinion through twitter.

Here are the series of tweets that shows his opinion on the issue.

Several Bollywood directors and actors supported the Pakistani actors in filming in Indian movies and also pitched peace talks with them. While whole world and Pakistan actors condemned the terrorist attacks in Peshawar, Paris and all around the world, did not utter any word against the Uri attack. And the worst part is many producers, actors and directors too did not condemn the attack and chose to remain silent on the issue.

Many media houses and secular journalist supported Pakistani actors appearance in Indian movies, Arnab was the only journalist to oppose it. He even opposed his ex-colleagues in other channels regarding them as pseudo liberals, pseudo-journalist, and hypocrites.

Bollywood was largely upset with Arnab for his stand against the directors like Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt. It is said that Vineet Jain was pressurised by these directors to ouster Arnab from Times Now.

It is also said that Arnab was humiliated and didn’t allow conducting his last Newshour debate with famous personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and few politicians. His colleagues divulged that Arnab was in tears for the way he was treated. He had also expressed that he had put his whole and soul for the channel for a decade and brought it to Number 1 position.