Shocking! Do you know what just Happened to the death of SIMI Terrorists in Bhopal??

Now acording to some people SIMI terrorists who were died in an encounter is martyrs! This proves the gravity of terrorism in our country. For majority of these people terrorism is an ideology to pursue religious advent. It is the idea of domination and discarding the autonomy of state, thereby establishing a sharia empire!

On October 31, eight members of SIMI escaped from Bhopal Central Jail after slitting the throat of guard Ramashankar Yadav. Eight hours after their escape, all the eight activists were killed a few kilometres from the city in a shootout with the police.

Later, bodies of five of the eight SIMI activists – Amjad Khan, Zakir Hussain, Mohammad Salik, Sheikh Mehboob and Aqueel Khilji – were on November 01 laid to rest at Bada Cemetery close to Abana river in their home district – Khandwa – amid tight security.

According to Pradesh 18, tombstones have now found to be placed over their graves.

Epitaphs on the gravestones hail the five deceased as martyrs.

Over 2,000 people had participated in the funeral procession earlier this month during which also the deceased were declared as martyrs.

Around 700 police personnel, some of them in plain clothes, had kept a watch on the funeral procession, sources said.