Shocking! Kejriwal brands Journalist Shekhar Gupta as Modi Agent! When Asked about Malaria Deaths In Delhi!

This is always clear that Kejriwal is a big time hypocrite! While Delhi is suffering first malaria death in five years and first chicke Guniya death in this year. Chief Minister of Delhi is busy with Punjab elections and polarising the electorate with his communal and hatred agenda. Some of the ministers of kejriwal are indulged in illicit crimes and sex scandals! others are facing many other charges too. But still Kejriwal is busy with his dirty tricks in Punjaba and yet to make a call to Improve the condition of Delhi people who are suffering from diseases!

One of the presstitute journalist , Shekhar Gupta, he himself is a known Modi hater and critique of the central government , questioned the Delhi government over its inaction in the crisis situation! It shows people are extremely disgusted with the way in which kejriwal performs. Nobody cannot be a mute spectator for a long time under such circumstances..

Here is whats he tweeted. This tweet shows kejriwal’s abusive nature and blaming others for his own faults. Hope the presstitutes who support him will at least realise this man’s real nature! Kejriwal can blame anyone ! and brand anyone as Modi agent!!


But instead of taking responsibility in his home state, kejriwal started blaming others! and in his typical abusive style Kejriwal called Shekhar Gupta “MODI AGENT” with this response one can easily understand the mental balance of Kejriwal. He abuses, in order to cover up his sins and failures! After coming to power, kejriwal had promised that for the coming ten years , he will only work for Delhi..

Now he left Delhi and busy with Punjab, according to sources , kejriwal is even planning to settle down in Punjab for a while at least until the elections are over! AAP members of Punjab are searching for a home for their leader!

Here is what krantikari CM tweeted

Its a big shame that, someone who always claim to be honest, blaming others for his failures! When will Kejriwal learn? If he cannot learn, people of Delhi should teach him a strong lesson by kicking him out of office..

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