Shocking! Delhi Metro Imposed a New Rule For Women

Owing to the unsafe situation for women in the country, Delhi Metro has taken a shocking move to change certain rules for women. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is responsible for the security of Delhi Metro and they has brought about certain changes in rules followed onboard Delhi Metro. So should anyone commute daily through Delhi Metro be aware about the latest changes:

For the number of crimes against women in Delhi are increasing (for example the Bengaluru mass molestation case), the Delhi Metro has now allowed women to carry knives, matchboxes and lighters inside the metro trains. However, before small knives, lighters and matchboxes were of restricted items list for Metro travel in Delhi.

An official in force said that this move is the call for the hour, for thousands of articles piling up at its depot in Shastri Park. However, CISF officials said that approximately 100-odd lighters and matchboxes were seized on daily basis at present at different stations.

“Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. We received several requests as labourers travel by metro and carry tools for work,” a CISF official said.