Shocking! Barkha Shared unauthenticated video on twitter to defend SIMI Terrorists!! Get thrashed by Nationalists!

We all know in which side Barkha is, when it comes to Human rights, every media house, every secular politician and every activists are with terrorists, isn’t it ridiculing our security forces and their sacrifices? Terrorists escaped the jail after brutally murdering an ordinary police officer (jail guard)!! His life has no value in the eyes of Barkha and Team?? What they are trying to achieve by openly supporting terrorists from SIMI!!

Barkha has problem with Police, Rana Ayyub has problem with police and all other presstitute media has problem with Police, because they just punished the most dangerous terrorists in India who wanted to see the destruction of Indian state! Earlier we have seen the activities of Barkha and company, there were doubts regarding her biased reporting and pro Pakistan stand on many debates! These tweets just one day after the incident proved that they are not going to change but will always support the enemies of our nation

But here is how nationalists thrashed her claims and trolled her all over twitter!!

After this tweet, she is all for a fair trial! According to her logic Kasab and Afzal was lucky to have a fair trial then why not SIMI terrorists! These journos are shamelessly treating these dreaded terrorists as “activists” According to Barkha, we should give a fair trial to SIMI terrorists, even after they brutally murdered an innocent jail guard! Do we really need to waste our tax money for these murderers ? Read her tweet below..

Here is how nationalists replied

Then Barkha started crying for SIMI terrorist, she was deeply worried when they are ready to talk (after quoting an unauthenticated video) then why did the police kill them?? What a drama on twitter!! Here is the tweet

Here is how twitter reacted