Shocking! Arvind Kejriwal Will Be Punjab Cheif Minister If AAP Wins Elections?

As Punjab is heading for assembly election, it seems that Delhi Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not only wanting to win the elections but eyeing for CM post.

AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Cheif Minister Manish Sisodia, while addressing a rally in the state’s Mohali, said, “Vote as if Arvind Kejriwal will be Punjab’s next Chief Minister.”

Manish Sisodia has given a big statement to the people of Punjab to vote for AAP as if Arvind Kejriwal will be the party’s Chief Minister candidate. His statement has created quite a stir among people and resulted in several immediate speculations of Arvind Kejriwal dumping Delhi for Punjab. This has created a quite a lot of speculations and unconfirmed social media reports are already claiming that Kejriwal will move to Punjab while Sisodia will become Delhi’s Cheif Minister.

Punjab Assembly Elections

The state will go to polls on February 4. Counting will take place on March 11.