Shocking! Actress Ramya Did not got to Pakistan!!

A Karnataka MP Pratap simha  who represents the Mysore Kodagu constituency has revealed that actor Ramya did not go to Pakistan for SAARC young parliamentarian’s meeting. He exposed the false claims by Ramya who has been arguing that she visited Pakistan recently to attend Young MPs SAARC Summit and described “PAKISTAN IS NOT HELL”!

Pratap Simha has questioned the congress by asking, the SAARC summit is for sitting MPs, then why did the congress party has sent Ramya to Pakistan? The document produced by Pratap Simha shows that Ramya’s name is not listed in the delegation which went to Pakistan for the summit. The list also mentions only 3 people from India attended the Young MPs SAARC Summit which includes Kalikesh Singh Deo, Lok Sabha MP from BJD, Devji Bhai Patel of the BJP and Alok Tiwari, Rajya Sabha member of the Samajwadi Party who attended the Summit. There is no record from Pakistan that Ramya attended the function along with these MPs!


More so Ramya is not a sitting MP, why would the government select her to attend the ‘young parliamentarians’ narrative’ Summit??

This explosive revelation has raised serious questions on role of Ramya and Congress. If Ramya did not go to Pakistan to attend SAARC Summit, then why did she go? Whom did she meet in Pakistan on what purpose? If her trip was personal, then why did she falsely claim that she attended Summit? Earlier too, many Congress people had visited Pakistan for unknown reasons and had claimed it personal, humanitarian visits. If Ramya really attended the SAARC meet, then why hasn’t she produced any proof of her presence?!

But now Ramya had racked up a huge controversy supporting Pakistan, in a time when Bangalore College was used to chant Anti-India slogans. The congress government has been soft and sympathetic towards terror supporters and separatists. This incident has shocked the entire social media who are now demanding explanation from Ramya.  The government should form a proper inquiry panel to investigate the frequent visits of many congressmen to Pakistan.

Courtesy PostCard