Rishi Kapoor ripped apart Arvind Kejriwal for questioning demonetization!! Read Tweet

Ever since demonetization happened Arvind kejriwal is going crazy over it, running here and there, insulting and abusing Modi, Going to ATMs, banks and talking to people about Modi’s faults! These are the signs of perfect madness? What do you think readers? Anyway, central government has taken a historic decision for cleaning our economy.We might have some issues, but Prime Minister has promised within 50 days everything will be alright!!

So why so much hue and cry over this decision, what makes kejriwal so insecure? The answer is he cannot manage Punjab and UP elections without black money. Now Narendra Modi has taken a bold step and it destroyed the hopes and poltical aspirations of Kejriwal..

This is what Mamta Banarjee tweeted

Kejriwal repeated the same statement ” “There is still time, take back this decision before the law and order situation further deteriorates. PM Modi has mocked them and must apologise. I have received a lot of calls, there is a sense of panic among people after PM’s speech in Goa.”

However, actor Rishi Kapoor is pissed at Kejriwal. After Kejriwal said that PM Modi should roll back the demonetisation policy, Rishi Kapoor could not take it. He slammed Kejriwal, and tweeted,