PM Modi’s strict Direction Only Use Gadgets Made In India!

“If you got an idea, you gotta protect it.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have understood this better than anyone. In order to boost his ‘Make In India’ initiativen and the interest of domestic gadget manufacturers, the government has directed its ministers to give preference to electronic products made in India.

“A Committee of Secretaries has decided that all Ministries and Departments should identify department-specific domestically manufactured electronic products for procurement, and notify them within a fortnight,” said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement.

This move is expected to help domestic companies to raise investment and generate employment at great numbers.

All Government Departments have been asked to adhere to a tender template already issued by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, for procurement of electronic items.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology has also been asked to put in place an online monitoring system for reporting by Ministries/Departments and State Governments, on procurement of electronic products. This system, to be operationalized in a fortnight, will capture the break-up of domestically manufactured electronic equipment by value.

Narendra Modi himself using an Apple iPhone ( Hope he will start using an Indian made Mobile Phone either Micromax or Lava, instead of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 7