North Korean Crazy Leader is planning a Horrible Punishment For Failed Athletes In Rio

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is reportedly not happy with the performance of his country’s athletes, who bagged seven medals, at the Rio Olympics 2016. The athletes may now face the wrath of the dictator who wanted them to return with at least five gold and 12 other medals, according to reports. North Korea had sent 31 athletes to Rio and by the end of the Olympics, they had managed to win two gold, three silvers and two bronzes. In the London Olympics 2012, the North Korean athletes had won four gold and two bronze medals.

Reports said that some of the country’s players were under tremendous pressure, which eventually affected their performance. The players who have disappointed the dictator may be punished by being moved to poor quality houses, provided lesser rations and may even be sent to the coal mines. However, those who won medals would be awarded good quality housing, better rations, car and other gifts from the kingdom.

Earlier, reports had said that members of the North Korean football team were punished for humiliating the country by losing 7-0 to Portugal on live TV in the 2010 World Cup. While some of the coaches and players were sent to re-education facilities, some were even sent to work in mines as part of the punishment. Players sent to the mines were not even allowed to return for the next one or two years. The present bunch of athletes who failed at Rio Olympics may also face the same fate.