Modi Provoked China Again! Just guess Who is Visiting this Indian State in 2017!! Must Read

Narendra Modi is good at making sharp moves in International diplomacy, it has the power to destroy his opponents and their fake claims forever! It seems China and Pakistan do not understand the strategist in Modi, if they do, they will not make any lousy statements on India’s interests! This move of government, especially the PM can be termed as a diplomatic coup in the Indo-China relationship!

India has successfully hosted US Ambassador Richard Verma, it was already criticized by China, but an adamant Modi asked china to “Mind their own business” Now Arunachal Pradesh is preparing to welcome another world leader and the number one enemy of China, the Dalai Lama for another state visit which is likely to attract criticism from China. Confirming the invitation to the Tibetan spiritual leader, a source in the office of Chief Minister Pema Khandu told media persons that the invitation was extended on October 9 and is aimed at bringing the spiritual figure to his followers in the border State. This move is going to take Indo= China relations to a new level, where China has to face a strong Modi who knows how to play diplomatic games tactically. In fact the Chinese never expected something like this from the Indian Prime Minister and it is a major shift from the cowardice congress policy towards China and thats the real Point, we are going to discuss here

“The Dalai Lama has been invited to Arunachal Pradesh for a fortnight-long visit during March 2017, when he is expected to visit Tawang, Itanagar and the eastern districts of the state,” the official told The Hindu. He said that there was no specific religious occasion for the visit and that it was planned since the spiritual leader had a special link with the State, especially with Tawang as he came to India through the mountain route of Tawang.

The very interesting fact is the timing of the visit! as it comes days after China criticised Richard Verma, U.S. envoy to India, for visiting Tawang that it declared as “disputed.” Responding to the Chinese criticism of the visit of the U.S. envoy, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the visit was not unusual as he visited a province of India to which he was accredited. Modi knows how to play games with China, by inviting Dalai Lama to Arunachal, narendra modi has broken the spine of Chinese arrogance

Interestingly Mr. Verma sent out social media messages after visiting Tawang and thanked the Arunachal government for the hospitality extended to him. Arunchal Chief Minister Pema Khandu had said in a message in social media “America makes its presence in Tawang festival. Thank you Richard Verma for making the festival a global event by your presence.”. Modi’s strategy is to show China that we are not alone in this, we have the support of United States and India is not going to let chinese to make lousy statements on Indian territories! Apart from this, the Dalai Lama visit is more significant, because India as a strong Asian power has accepted the claim of spiritual leader on Tibet, by inviting him to Arunachal, India has given him all the respect like a state leader. It will definitely give big relief to thousands of Tibetan refugees and their case will be much stronger in the United Nations

Dalai Lama had drawn criticism from Beijing for visiting Tawang during the annual Tawang festival in 2009 when he marked half-century of his exile from Tibet. The official said that the Dalai Lama could not respond to all previous official invites from Arunachal Pradesh, but has given verbal confirmation that he would visit the State next spring.