Mind Blowing VIDEO! Arnab paying a rich tribute to Barkha by reading out her entire CV in 3 minutes.

Arnab Goswami ripped apart the dubious role of Barkha in the anti Indian activities and the so called Indian liberals by calling them as “pseudo Liberals” . Arnab went on to say that they are not Indians , they cannot claim that they are Indians as their mind, brain and soul work for Pakistan and Pakistani interests.

Terrorists who are orchestrating freedom movements from outside Kashmir is being supported by traitors inside . Traitors like Barkha, Rajdeep and all other pseudo presstitute gang is openly supporting Pakistan, they are not just supporting them but even sharing various information through their twitter account. in this video Arnab slammed the dubious role of Barkha and other pseudo liberal journalists and intellectuals..

Arnab Goswami has been waging a lone battle against the pseudo liberal and lutyens journos of Delhi. Arnab was always consistent in his stand against Pakistan and separatists just that he wont play any drama for his TRP and personal benefits, whereas people like Barkha are even ready to sell their nation for money and fame. Remember the famous Radia Tapes in which Barkha was fixing different ministries for corruption and malpractices. So Barkha has no legal right to defend her case. This is really a good thing that journalists like Arnab Goswamis defending the nation against these pseudo liberals and journalists

Watch video below…