Major General G.D.Bhakshi thrashed comrades of IIT Chennai

Major General G.D.Bhakshi tore apart the comrades of Chennai IIT. We all know that these days our premier institutes are infected by urban naxalites who openly praise Pakistan and Jihadis.  Major was in full swing and was exposing the sinister agenda of Pakis and Jihadis in Kashmir, but some comrades don’t like the freedom of speech General Bhakshi is enjoying and they started creating problems and try to disrupt his speech.

A puny comrade professor named Abhinav started protesting along with few communist scums, but they were cornered by patriotic students and then they started playing victim card.

Following is the face book post of General Bhakshi describing the real issue

“I had gone to IIT Chennai yesterday to give a talk on Indian army and our National Security. When i began to address the subject of J&K a handful of Kashmiri students tried to shout me down and disrupt the lecture. One Master Abhinav a member of the Ambedkar – Periyar Sangarsh Samiti joined them. To my very pleasent surprise they were jeered and booed down by the Majority of the IIT boys and Girls there in a stirring display of Patriotic fervour. They were restrianed from disrupting the proceedings and forced to pipe down and let the lecture continue. Stung Abhinav fired off a rather confused and rambling letter to the Director among other things accusing me of Hate speech( agianst pak if you please!!)and the usual gamut of HR violations the Leftist liberals use to demonise the Army and lower its prestige and morale.Yes Abhinav as a soldier i detest Pak and the role it is playing in J&K. I was rather amused to see the leftist media sense the scalp of Gen Bakshi and transform Young Abhinav into another media icon ( likeComerade Kanhayia) of seperatism .He tried to make his rambling letter viral and Im grateful to Abhinav and our leftist liberal media for taking up the basket of issues i had raised. Im firmly convinced that we have had enough at the hands of Pak. Their latest provocations on J&K are DANGEROUS and India needs to hit back. Yes India needs to adopt a tit for tat approach to China which has armed Pak to the teeth. we need to arm Vietnam, Phillippines , Indonesia etc.I also highlighted the Role played by Indian armed forces and INA in India getting freedom. We have been crying for the need to revise Indian history. Im glad sections of the media want to raise these issues at the time of our independence. lets please join the debate. Thank you Master Abhinav for getting the Leftist liberal media to cover what i said. Some of them have been trying hard to bury these issues .”