LOVE JIHAD: Hindu Girl Deepika commits suicide! when her BF Mohin Khan Shared Private videos with friends!

In Surat, one girl Deepika Pravinbhai Khatri resident of Keshavpark of Dindoli area studying at DRB college committed suicide on Wednesday by jumping from ONGC bridge. Her dead body was found on Friday from opposite to Mugalsarai behind LIC building from Tapi river. During initial investigation the case appeared to be of love jehad. In the case, has filed case against girl’s boyfriend Mohin Khan H Pathan and arrested him. Before 2 days Deepika had called up his father and told him that she is going to commit suicide and jumped into the river. Yesterday Deepika’s dead body was found from Nehru bridge side bank of river.

On searching from Deepika’s house 4 page suicide note addressing her parents was found. Deepika had written of having love affair with person from other community and told of  having married to him. In the note, shehad written about lover Mohin who trapped her in love and exploited her.

He had shared video of their private moments and photos with their friends. Despite of her many a times demanding video and photos back he did not give them back and the very fear of getting defamed she took extreme step of committing suicide.

In this case, Mohin Khan has been booked for instigating Mohin to commit suicide. Police will investigate whether Mohin has trapped other Hindu girls and did the same thing to them or not, as per sources.

They love you for two reasons one to enjoy and another is to convert you so becareful…. That’s love JIHAD


Source – gujaratheadline