SIX MONTHS into his presidency, Donald Trump is officially the least popular US leader of the past 70 years, according to a new poll.

A Gallup poll conducted at the six-month mark of all presidents since Harry S Truman has found Trump has just a 36 per cent approval rating, down six points on a similar poll conducted at his first 100 days.

Previously, the least popular president at the same mark was 1970s leader Gerald Ford, with 39 per cent.

By comparison, President John F Kennedy had a 75 per cent approval rating within the first six months and post-war leader Truman had 82 per cent.

However, Trump has also smashed the previous record for disapproval within the first six months.

Of those polled, 58 per cent disapproved of him, well up on the previous disapproval record of 51 per cent held by Bill Clinton since 1993.

Historically, it has usually taken American presidents months, if not years, to reach a majority disapproval rating.

But after just six months, his job approval rating is four points lower than his predecessor Barack Obama’s all time low, which came in his sixth year.

Nearly half of all respondents, 48 per cent “strongly” disapprove of Trump’s performance in the top job, slightly higher than the strongest disapproval of Obama’s eight years, which came in his fifth year

The poll was commissioned by US broadcaster ABC News and newspaper Washington Post.

According to the ABC, Trump’s ties with Russia rate among the chief reasons given for the lack of approval.
But the US presence on the world stage under his leadership also rates highly.

Two-thirds of respondents say they do not trust him to negotiate with world leaders, and nearly half said US world leadership had become weaker since he assumed the presidency.