Israel declared Stone Pelters as Terrorists! approves 20 yrs jail Can India do this?

Jerusalem- Israel declared stone throwers as terrorists, its parliament had imposed tougher and very strict penalties of up to 20 years prison for people throwing stones at vehicles and roads, Palestinians described the move as racist and excessive.

Among the 86 law makers, 69 favoured the law and it has been approved by the parliament.

“Tolerance towards terrorists end today, A stone thrower is a terrorist and only a fitting punishment can serve as a deterrent and just Punishment” Israel’s justice minister said.

Confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli police is a routine happening and it is degenerating into violent clashes, and stone throwing has been a symbol of Palastenian resistance since the first Palastinian Uprising  against Israel in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Many Israelis have killed in this stone attack by angry Palestinian youths in West Bank. Human rights activists and terror apologists were always supporting Palestine and accusing Israel of using excessive force including live fire.

The new law of Israel allows for a sentence up to 20 years in jail for throwing a rock at a vehicle with the intent of causing bodily harm and Ten years in prison if intent was not proven. Prosecutors in such cases have usually sought sentences of no more than three months in jail when the offence does not result in serious injury.

Israel hands down about 1,000 indictments a year for rock throwing, according to the Israeli Knesset.

Now the question is whether India can follow the same laws and regulations here similar to Israel, compare to Gaza and West Bank, India also facing similar kind of protests, stone pelting, attacking and killing security forces are a routine happening which led to economic loss, loss of lives and months of curfew and violence. The recent incidents, following the killing of terrorist Burhan is an eye opening situation for India Government. Government must declare stone pelters as terrorists and must have severe punishments for their crime against Indian state.

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(News courtesy -Dawn)