Hypocrisy of Malala Exposed! Read More!

Malala told last month “I’m ready to tell the world that Pakistan is a safe place and teams should go there and play cricket”
She has not gone back to Pakistan no matter how much she advocates the Pakistani case. She was shot in the head (so the stories say), and then she fled.

The terrorists have achieved their objective because now no other girl in Pakistan will dare to defy them. That’s a fact, which can be changed neither by those fake inspirational quotes dished out by the western media in her name, nor international prizes she’s been accorded to make the west look politically correct.

She lives in London, hogs the limelight and now as per reports, is paid upwards of USD 1000000 for appearing on any show, telling the audiences of how bullets can be silenced by books (one child, one teacher, one book can change the world) while she has made absolutely no effort to alleviate the victims of jihad in Balochistan, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The global media has made her into a demigod, made us believe that this pea brain is fighting global jihad with a pen and paper. No she isn’t, she’s just parroting carefully coached lines like the only cure for terrorism is education (conveniently ignoring that Osama bin Laden was an engineer and Ayman al Zawahiri a surgeon, for example), speaking about “women empowerment” (but never once mentioning 300 plus schoolgirls captured by Boko Haram as sex slaves or how women are second class citizens in Saudi Arabia, not allowed to even walk in public alone, and caned for driving) and so on.

The fact remains that she didn’t “win”, like the media would have us believe. She did not fight the sword with the pen, she just went to some other place where no bullet will reach her. While there are plenty of examples of revolutionaries and reformers fighting there or from distant lands for their country, one cannot compare this midget with them, no matter how much the media lionizes her.

She has a Nobel because it looks good on the west and the statements of this jihad apologist is a testimony to the fact.